Things of the Aimless Wanderer

A series of cryptic and loosely connected narrative shards.  Each depicts an uneasy encounter between an African woman and a male figure of authority or menace, be he a nineteenth century white explorer, a twenty-first century Western journalist, or a Rwandan man performing reconnaissance for a shadowy internal agency. In each story, a female figure is an object of lust, surveillance, fascination, or violence, inevitably disappearing from the narrative.

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Written and Directed by

Kivu Ruhorahoza

Produced by

Antonio Rui Ribeiro


Ramadhan Bizimana
Justin Mullikin
Grace Nikuze
Matt Ray Brown
Eliane Umuhire


Kivu Ruhorahoza


Daniel Biro


Antonio Rui Ribeiro

Sound recordist

Safali Eugene


Joseph Bicknell

Re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor

Jan Meinema

Sales Agent

Bill Straus