Justice Seekers

Twenty years on, the Rwandan genocide runs the risk of fading from the West’s collective consciousness. For those who lived through the 1994 massacre of 800,000 ethnic Tutsis, however, survivors’ guilt, nightmarish memories, and the psychological need for closure remain strong. Dafroza Gauthier lost her extended family in the massacre and was lucky to escape Rwanda alive. She and her husband Alain have spent years carefully collating and recording first-hand testimony against the men and women alleged to have been among the leading figures in Rwanda’s nightmare.

Alain and Dafroza Gauthier have spent over a decade fighting the French legal system to bring to justice the masterminds of the Rwandan Genocide. For almost twenty years they have been met with state and judicial obstruction, as certain French authorities attempt to derail a process that would ultimately shed further light on French complicity in the genocide. This documentary follows the French-Rwandan couple, defence and prosecution teams during the trial of Pascal Simbikangwa who is accused of genocide, an historical trial that was a legal first in France.

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Directed by

Antonio Rui Ribeiro

Produced by

Golriz Kolahi
David Alamouti

Music Composer

Christoph Bauschinger

Sound Designer

David Mackie


Antonio Rui Ribeiro

Additional Camera

Golriz Kolahi

Colour Grading

Joseph Bicknell

Sound Recordist

David Alamouti